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Tunit V-VP

The Tunit V-VP is suited to all engines with variable pumps. These are mostly the Japanese engines up to 2001, although some manufacturers still prefer this injection system. The Tunit comes complete with a detachable harness and either a connection to fit to the ECU or wires that attach to your existing wiring harness.

Using the 9 setting adjustment dial you can customise your driving experience. The Tunit V-VP comes with a three year product warranty.

How does it work?

All tunits are specifically designed to achieve enhanced diesel performance and economy by modifying the fuel injection parameters of the engine. Only by the careful interplay of these values and characteristics can the optimum performance of your engine be achieved.

The tunit does not over-fuel the engine or adjust boost pressure. All enhancements are safe and work within the engine’s own safety parameters programmed into the ECU. This means that the tunit cannot damage your engine and works with the manufacture's settings to achieve maximum efficiency.


The tunit comes complete with original manufacturer’s plugs and connections. Most Tunits are fitted in under 30 minutes and all are designed to be easily installed by anybody. Full colour photo fitting instructions are provided to make the process as simple as possible, and phone support is available most times of the day if needed.

We have hundreds of fitting centres across the UK should you require the tunit be fitted for you. All of our centres offer a Try Before You Buy, which means you can feel the improvement in your engine before you purchase the tunit. Other services such as Rolling Roads (Dynos) are also available at some fitting centres.

What is achieved?

Immediately the increased power and torque can be felt. The throttle response is improved and particularly low and mid range torque is vastly improved, making the overall performance of the vehicle completely different. When carrying loads and/or towing, the extra power is a also great advantage. The overall drive becomes more pleasurable and the engine in most instances runs smoother.

On average customers see an improvement in fuel economy of 7-10%. A recent tunit customer survey found that 75% of customers achieved an average of 12% better fuel economy, and a recent scientific study found the tunit reduced harmful emissions by 27%.

Laptop Tuning

Laptop tuning adjusts the tunit’s programming specifically for your engine and conditions, for example if you regularly tow heavy loads or require the best economy for long distance motorway driving. The flexibility of the tunit means that, whilst still staying within the safety parameters of the engine, you can get the best performance and economy from your engine. The drivability of your vehicle can be tailored to your preference and driving style, so the tunit adapts to you.

Laptop tuning also adjusts the tunit to take full advantage of any other enhancements you may have on your vehicle so the tunit works in harmony with them.

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